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We offer complex development activities for the purpose of building residential and commercial real estate. Our team is ready to participate in the individual stages of the development of a development project, or to implement such a project "turnkey project".
We will select a suitable plot of land for your purpose. We will carry out a feasibility study, legal audit, ecological audit, and contractually secure the land. 


We will prepare complete project documentation for building location permits, building permits, and construction implementation.
We can design the project documentation together from the very beginning, or we can take over the work-in-progress documentation and complete it together according to our ideas. 


We will prepare modern visualizations to display your vision. Visualization gives you the opportunity to view the real appearance of interiors and exteriors even before implementation, create virtual tours, or insert building models into photos of real spaces. This is the most accessible way to present your future building. Not everyone is immediately familiar with project documentation, which is why today visualization is the most suitable tool for creating a real picture.


As part of the engineering activity, we will provide all statements and opinions of the relevant state administration bodies and managers of engineering networks, owners of neighboring parcels necessary for submitting an application for the issuance of a decision on the location of the building and subsequently a building permit. We will take care of the withdrawal of land from the agricultural land fund. We will obtain consent for felling trees for you. We will settle property relations contractually.We will give you a valid construction permit.


After the completion of the construction, we will ensure the building approval and registration of the construction and encumbrances in the real estate cadastre. In the case of investment projects, we will hand over all the transport infrastructure built as part of the project for you

Land search

I want to secure a building permit. What is the procedure?

We will clarify the scope of our services.

We will sign the contract and power of attorney.

We will arrange everything for you.

We will hand over the building permit to you.

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